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Vishal Krishna: “I’m Glad We Waited For A Theatrical Release For Enemy”




Vishal Krishna Enemy, the high-profile  Tamil  actioner which  opens  this Diwali  on November 5 features two of Tamil Nadu’s most  high-profile star-actors  as  antagonists.

Vishal Krishna says he is  relieved that  the film is finally  making it into movie theatres. “Enemy is  not the  right fit for  the  home  medium. With due  respects , I feel  the  mood  and the space   of the two mediums are  different. What  is suited to  the OTT platform is not  correct  for the  big screen and vice versa.”

Vishal Krishna feels  a  lot  of  the  nuances in the  intricate stunts between  Arya and Vishal would be lost   on the OTT. “Enemy has the  kind of action never seen before. People ask, was it difficult for Arya and me  to  fight one  another when we are  such  close friends in real life? The answer is , no. It  was  not difficult at all. In  fact being friends we  collaborated  over the fights like choreographed  dancing.”

Vishal Krishna feels  fights like the ones in Enemy have not been seen by Indian  audiences. “Our action is unique. And   arresting.  Today , the stunts  in Indian cinema have to  compete with  international projects. Enemy  is competing with The Last Duel and  Shang-chi  & The Legend Of Ten Rings. One slip-up and  our standards are exposed.”

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