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Karan Oberoi Has Advice For Aryan Khan



Actor-Musician Karan Oberoi

Actor-Musician Karan Oberoi Who Spent A Month In Prison Before Getting Bail On Sexual harassment Charges Has Advice For Aryan Khan

Karan  Oberoi has been  through the  ordeal that  Aryan Khan has just experienced.

Karan  Oberoi’s heart  reaches  out to Aryan. “It’s  going to take  time for him to heal. He  must take  one day  at a time.His family should not ask him  questions on what it  was  like  to be in prison. Let him speak when  he’s ready to speak. He will come around  when he  is ready.”

Karan  Oberoi who spent a  month in prison in 2019  would   like to Kartik’s  family to be patient.  “The family should  be  ready for Kartik’s  trauma  to spill  over.  He will have meltdowns, he will cry …That’s exactly how  it happened  with me. I used to  break down for no reason. I would cry at  the  drop of a hat. I had  sleep deprivation issues. I couldn’t eat properly.”

Karan  Oberoi recalls the  lack of basic amenities in prison. “There were people crammed sleeping one on top of another, almost. There is  no way  you  can go to the potty, it’s so filthy. Aryan comes from an affluent background. That makes the prison  experience inconceivably  difficult. For Aryan  , re-adjustment  will be  very difficult.”

The first few days will be  hell for Aryan, says  Karan  Oberoi. “You  will be back in the  comfort  of your home. But in your mind you are still  in  that rot hole”

Sleep,says Oberoi, will be the  first thing to be impacted. “Aryan’s sleep cycle must  stabilize before anything. I also feel that   he may need therapy. He must ask for it if he needs  it. He must  try and communicate  with people  around and close  to him. But there must be no chatter about prison life  around him until he initiates  it. He  should be  comforted. Good food  will help. Let him speak Don’t ask.”

Karan  Oberoi lashes out at  Aryan’s incarceration. “I think it is  a human tragedy to have  that  young boy being subjected  to  life in  jail.I’ve spent time in  prison  and  written a  book on the conditions in jail. They are subhuman, inhuman. No human being  should be ever EVER  be subjected to  that  life. It is not only  physically damaging, it’s also psychologically scarring.”

It’s not  only Aryan  who was  in that  prison cell , it was also his parents.“ Having gone through the experience I know what a  horrible  horrible  toll it takes  on  the  family. I mean  the person in  prison suffers  unimaginably. But his  family outside suffers untold miseries.”

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