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Karanvir Bohra Turns 39 With His Chaar Deviyan



Karanvir Bohra with his family

Television ,film and   digital  actor  Karanvir Bohra who turned  30 on August  28  brought in his special day with his  wife Teejay and  three daughters .

He shared details excitedly.  “These  chaar deviyaan in  my life make  me  feel  special every day. On  my birthday they are making me  feel even more special. My wife had planned  this very  hush-hush  party for me to bring in my birthday. Being kshatir –dimaag I found about it  but pretended  not to know. Teejay had  decorated our house and  invited selected friends, keeping Covid in mind.”

 Karanvir’s wife plotted  to send him  away  from the house.  “My staff  made me  sit in my office  till 8.15 pm saying, ‘Mahurat  ka samay hai.Aap cake katenge . Phir  aapko  ghar  jaane denge.’   Then  my mother called  to take  me to the Hara Rama temple.I said, ‘Mom,what’s this  I need to go home . It’s my birthday. I want to be with Teejay and the kids.’ That’s when I saw  on my apps adda that people has begun to come home. Then   when I entered  my house  I was  just blown away at how beautifully wife had decorated the  house.”

Plans  for the day? “We are  going to temples. We will distribute  ration to street kids and  then another small get-together  in the evening.  After that  some quality time with my chaar deviyan. I can’t even begin to tell you how occupied they  keep me.Every minute with them is  precious. I am so blessed. Every morning my three daughters troop in to wish me good morning.  It’s  God’s  grace”

  The  year has been  kind to Karanvir. “This year   has been phenomenal  for me.  My webseries Casino was released last year. I acted in, produced and directed another web show  Bhanwar. Then I  completed two movies. I have more projects coming up. The pandemic was kind to me.  Most of  all  I got to spend time  with my family. That was  the best part  of the pandemic, the  time everyone got to  spend with the family.”

 Karanvir feels  his life is  perfect. “If I had the chance  to change  anything  I wouldn’t. I have a beautiful  wife and three lovely daughters. I  feel very privileged to be the father to my three  girls.I have a beautiful  universe.”

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