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Kartik Aaryan Forces Other A-listers’ Price Pulldown



Kartik aaryan

In an entertainment industry reeling under  dark dreary  clouds  of failure and  recession  , A-list stars   who have delivered  only  a gallery of duds in recent  months—and we don’t have  to name them, their track record is on display for all to see—  still want to go home with  unreasonably obese paychecks ranging from  Rs 90 crores  to Rs 200 crores.

Given  the  sickeningly selfserving scenario, Kartik Aaryan is setting an example on how to  rescue Bollywood  from bankruptcy by holding his remuneration steadfast, charging not a penny more  than he did before,  rather than hiking his  fee  after the blockbuster  status of   Bhool Bhulaiya 2.

And now  Kartik’s steady market-friendly  recession-centric  price is  being  quoted to the other A-listers as  an example  of responsible professionalism.

A  very angry producer who has recently signed Kartik  spoke to me. “For years we have been paying these stars  through our noses and  all other orifices in the belief that they bring in the audiences. The fact is, they are not bringing anything to  the projects anymore. So why should we pay them  the earth moon  and sky, especially when the only star who has delivered a bonafide  hit this year(Kartik Aaryan)  is not  hiking his  fee?”

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