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“All Naatak,” Say Pratyusha’s Friends About His Hysterical Hospital Hijinks



Rahul Raj Singh’s sudden fame as the hysterically weepy sniveling bewildered child-man who cannot understand the gravity and enormity of the tragedy  that has overtaken Pratyusha Banrjee’s life,is beginning to get creepy and uncontrollable.

Most of Pratyusha’s friends are disgusted rather than moved by  Rahul Raj Singh’s tears.

Ekdum naatak kar raha hai woh. He was not the least affected by Pratyusha’s shocking death.All that rona mooh phaad-phaad ke is hamming at its worst. Rahul should look for an alternative career ,if this is the kind of 1960s acting he believes in,” says a  friend of the deceased tv actress who wants to go unnamed.

The outspoken Ajaz Khan doesn’t mince words when he says, “Rahul is behaving like the typical Hindi film villain does after killing an innocent person.”

Friend television producer Vikas Gupta has accused Mr Rahuj Raj of publicly assaultingPratyusha. Friends also say she had injury marks on the nose and neck when her body was found dangling from the ceiling fan at her home.

Adding fuel to the theory of foul-play is  the presence of  another woman in the Pratyusha-Rahul’s messy relationship.This lady,named Saloni ,is  apparently more than just friends with Rahul Apparently an aspiring actress Saloni had been seen at Pratyusha’s residence creating a ruckus on more than one occasion.

Adding further fuel to the suspicion and distrust against the boyfriend is the deceased girl’s parents’ behavior towards him.

Says a friend of Pratyusha, “At her funeral Pratyusha’s parents didn’t want him anywhere near her body.When he wanted to see her a last time  Pratyusha’s parents refused. The cops had to intervene to let him get near her corpse.”

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