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Taapse, Sonu Sood, Hansal Mehta On Sandeep Nahar’s Suicide



Taapsee Pannu:  “Life is not fair to any one of us. Unfortunately some of us don’t have enough support system in life to help us through our tough times. I don’t think singling out film industry is fair as every industry has struggles of its own kind just that ours is talked about the most being in media. I hope all of us find the support system in our friends and family who help us through tough times.”

Sonu Sood: “Whenever such incidents happen I feel really saddened. Young boys and girls who come to Mumbai  with dreams  in their eyes ,why  do they take  such an extreme step? We’ve seen this  happening  a number of times recently . Youngsters  hoping to  become successful actors  must not  lose hope. It takes  time. Hence  patience  perseverance  hope  and hard  work are required. And  they should keep other job options in mind, so that even  if  they don’t make it  big  in  cinema  they can pursue  another career. Not being able to make  it in cinema  should not be the end  of the world.And of course  the  producers need to come forward  to offer these youngsters work. There again  it’s a question of demand and supply. The  number of  jobs  available  to actors in India is far less than the  ones  aspiring  for those jobs.Like  I said the  film industry needs to give the youngsters  more hope  , more work. And when they do get work it shouldn’t seem like  a  favour to them. They should be  treated well . They should be strong, they should feel motivated  about their career taking off.”

Hansal Mehta: “There are opportunities for  new actors. But as studios/producers/directors we limit our thinking to the “perceived as safe” choices. It is a vicious circle. Also mental health is stigmatized and neglected both by the sufferer and by society at large. The result is that most people remain in denial until it is too late. We must recognize mental health issues and seek help. I am very saddened by this loss although I did not know him. How can we help prevent this? We must do something to help.

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