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Kartik Aaryan Tops List Of Endorsement Ambassadors



Kartik aaryan

Beating the  other favourite Ranveer Singh, Kartik Aaryan has emerged as  the  most sought-after  entertainment celebrity to endorse  consumer  products, be it colas and chocolates or high-end cars.Kartik is  being offered  them all.

A  leading ad  guru who wishes  to remain unnamed  as  he  doesn’t want to  cause any offence  reveals,  “Kartik has moved  ahead  of  all competition in  the endorsement  field. Others  top names for  endorsements  like Ranveer, Deepika,  Kareena  and  Katrina have the advantage of being paired  with their star-spouses.  Kartik  has done it on his  own.”

The ad guru says Kartik is  being offered whopping  money for  the  endorsements. “It is very tempting money. But Kartik is being very  particular  about the  products he  endorses. I heard  the boy won’t do any ads for products known to be damaging to  health eventhough he  is being offered unbelievable  amounts.Let me tell you something: Kartik  was offered that  paan masala ad with  Ajay Devgan and Shah Rukh Khan which  Akshay Kumar recently  joined. Kartik  was  offered the ad before Akshay. Kartik said no.”

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